Aeration System Flow Ranges & Blower Technologies

Full Range of Flows & Blower Technologies to Suit a Particular Process Application

In addition to the core requirements and supply of the SuperFlex Diffusers, Dorian Drake International also has the capability of providing a part or all of the other aeration system requirements as well

(e.g. Diffusers, Air Delivery Blowers, Aeration Basin piping, Electrical Control Panels, & D.O. monitoring equipment).


Dorian Drake also has the engineering capability of matching your aeration system requirements to the following list of typical Industries & Applications:

Industry Application
Municipal Domestic Wastewater Treatment Biological Aeration & Backwash
Industrial Wastewater Treatment Aeration, Separation & Flotation
Lagoon Domestic Wastewater Treatment Aeration
Lake Treatment Circulation & Oxygen Restoration
Tank Aeration & Mixing Aerobic Digester, Equalization Basin & Industrial Wastewater Tanks
Aquaculture Aeration for Aquatic Life Farming
Dairy Products Wastewater Dairy Lagoon Aeration
Pulp and Paper Lagoon Aeration & Mixing
Food Processing Lagoon Aeration & Mixing
Oil Refinery Wastewater Treatment Removal of dissolved gases and oxidation of dissolved metals