DDI SuperFlex Fine Bubble Disc Diffusers

Threaded Flexible Membrane Fine Bubble Disc Diffusers

fine bubble disc diffusers

  • Base and ring are constructed of glass-filled polypropylene.
  • Base unit connection is 3/4-inch male NPT.
  • Standard disc diffuser membranes are EPDM.

SuperFlex disc diffuser units are available with premium quality EPDM membranes. The diffusers incorporate an external triple-check valve design to prevent intrusion of liquid or solids into the diffuser or air piping under normal on/off operating conditions.

Technical Data for Threaded Disc

Model Diffuser Type Peak AirFlow Design AirFlow Diffuser Dia. Active Surface


Scfm M3N/h Scfm M3N/h In mm ft2 m2
01798 9″ Standard 6.0 9.5 0.5 -4 .9-6.8 10.9 277 0.41 0.038
01799 9″ High Capacity 10.0 15.8 1-8 1.7-13.6 10.9 277 0.41 0.038
06078 12″ Standard 10.0 15.8 1-8 1.7-13.6 12.9 328 0.64 0.059
06080 12″ High Capacity 18.0 28.4 2-13 3.4-22.1 12.9 328 0.64 0.059

disc diffuserThe 9-inch and 12-inch diameter diffusers employ a 3/4-inch diameter NPT (male) threaded connection for ease of installation/maintenance and universal application. Units can be mounted using the universal diffuser mount and are also available with Saddle Mount configuration (as shown), which provides unmatched mechanical strength.

Replacement parts are available for the fine bubble disc and tube type diffusers.

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